August 31, 2017

Krispina is in Belgium, waiting to meet you

Krispina is such a sweet smiley dog. She's so friendly with people and her dog and cat friends. She's been waiting too long nearly eighteen months, since she was very small. Who will love this dear girl and offer her their home and their love. 

Krispina is in Belgium with caring foster parents. They would welcome a visit from you and so would Krispina. She's looking forward to meeting you. Please come.

And for more information about this sweetheart, please click here. You'll see her smile and also see her with the cats.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Wonderful Hanos needs an operation - he's so brave. Would you like to help him get better?

Hanos,...only his leg,...

Hanos was saved from a killing station. Almost impossible to believe that he was just dumped there for he is a great, sweet and special dog. He is very focussed on people and animals and always, but always happy. He will put his head on your lap, will give you kisses out of happines and steals everybodys heart.

He came in and at first we didn't notice it, because he had no pain, but recently we saw that there was something with his leg. We saw that he was sometimes not using his leg so then we went to Carlos, our traumatologist. He discovered that Hanos had an old fracture that was now giving Hanos trouble. It seems he has  Atrodesis Carpo and on top of that, Osteotomia Corectora. 

The examinations, x-ray and surgery will cost approximately €850 and we are asking for help, who can help Hanos? Could you help? Could you get together with friends to help? We'd be so grateful for Hanos and he would be too.

August 29, 2017

Dog of the Day: beautiful grey Grey!

This good looking guy came from a breeder, where all he knew was the four walls of a small dog kennel. As a resut, Grey is a frightened and very insecure dog around people and situations that are strange to him. Only natural. He doesnt bite, but unexpected sounds and things scare him and he tries to run. 

 Gray needs someone with a lot of patience, who is experienced with dogs. Grey is a fantastic, beautiful young dog with a lot of potential, but he will need time and work. He is evolving well and starting to relax with us.

 Because of his insecurity, we do not want to place him in a family with small children. Where there is a will, there is a way, so we hope to see Grey in a new family, who understand him and will give him the necessary time to explore our beautiful world. Who will take care of our Grey? And help him blossom in a life full of love and trust. 

 Click here to view the recently created video. And for more information about Grey, click here.


Arrivals: Rotterdam 26th August

Yesterday 3 dogs were picked up from Spain. The sweet little Petronella slept peacefully in her travel bag. Wald was happy too to be in Rotterdam. Ibaar took a little convincing and was a bit tense because of all the excitement. But he will soon settle down.

August 27, 2017

The Dog Caravan will also be at the big ACE reunion!

Advice and Opinions on your dog's behaviour.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

During the Great Reunion, Sharon of The Dog Caravan will be available for advisory interviews with owners who may have experienced some problem or behaviour with their dog or dogs. In a quiet setting, you will be able to have a one-to-one conversation.

Owners - seek advice on how to deal with a problem behavior. The advice given will be sent to the participant by mail in confidence, after the Big Reunion. Or by way of a call that will take about 10 minutes and costs € 15.00, of which $ 5.00 is donated to Ace.

Login is required for this and can be sent via After your application, you will be sent a questionnaire so that we can prepare ourselves optimally for your conversation. Calls will take place between 13:00 and 14:30.

WORKSHOP  'Fun on the Lead'

A wonderful walk with your dog is a really great experience! At least it is when the dog does not pull on the lead all the time.  At the "fun on the lead" workshop, you learn in a nice and helpful way (following the positive training method) how to handle a dog that pulls on the lead. You will get useful tips and exercises to take home and work on together! The workshop takes about 25 minutes. After the workshop, each participant receives a handout with all the information from the exercises.

The workshop costs € 15.00 of which € 5.00 is donated to Ace. The workshop is at 11.00.
Sign up via  For more information - this is the Facebook page.

Deventer artist Margreet Hajee makes beautiful deer and wolves ...

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

The IJsselbiennale is an international art exhibition and is an ode to the river IJssel which covers the area between Kampen and Doesburg.

It is the first event held in what will be a biennial art exhibition . Theme is climate change. All kinds of projects are being carried out, including a representation of a migration of deer and wolves.

Deventer artist Margreet Hajee has made these beautiful deer and wolves for this project. A deer or a wolf costs € 60 each. For each animal sold, the sum of € 10 will be donated to ACE Charity.

The animals will be delivered to your home from the beginning of October. The animals are 60 cm tall and made of cortex steel (weathered steel). This material does not deteriorate and the animals will over time become a beautiful brown colour
For more information: Facebook: IJsselbiennale2017 Migration via the Kleine Veer, Hattem-Zwolle.
There's a great deal of information there and some lovely videos.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.


This year again, another large truck will be standing by in Eck and Wheel during "The Great Reunion" ready to transport all donated items to Spain.

We need the following things urgently :-

- Kibble, especially for puppy's!
- Plastic dog baskets
- Anti fleas and tick remedies
- Deworming products
- Hard plastic swimming pools (eg shells)
- Bed sheets
- Large towels (wash resistant 60gr)
- Cabin shelves (soft and detachable) (Soft linings for cages???)
- Medicines (no more than 6 months out of date)
- Sterile gloves
- Cleaners, scrubbers, squeegees, buckets etc

If you have questions about anything you want to donate please contact us at
Thank you very much THANK YOU!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Albertito: waiting outside the Mercadona ...

From Fabienne's Diary.
Today - August 27th

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Albertito was a dog that apparently alllowed to come almost everywhere with his boss, including to the Mercadona supermarket, where people go grocery shopping every day. He was tied up with his lead at the door, and there he stood without supervision or the protection of his owner, waiting for her. To me, leaving your dog outside the supermarket is unthinkable. when you think of how many dogs get stolen these days. You're not going to risk it, are you?

But there stood Albert, watching all the people going shopping, going inside and out again. But his owner did not appear. And then the supermarket closed. The Police were called and he was brought to the killing station, where his days, due to his age, would be numbered -  if he had not been saved by us.

He is a great fellow, good with all his 4-legged friends here, both cats and dogs, a humble little guy who, despite everything, is happy to be safe. But he should be living somewhere where he can be himslef. He does not understand why his boss didn't come back ... And we can not explain it to him either.  He puts his old snout into your hand and looks at you with his sweet eyes ... How could this happen to him?

Looking for a gift?

If you are looking for a nice gift for someone or just for yourself ... take a look at our ACE shop.
Or even if you have fun things you'd like to sell to help our dogs, we'd love to hear from you too! Please get in touch with

Everything benefits our dogs 100%. So please share the page as much as possible. And have lots of fun shopping!

August 26, 2017

Nestita: thrown away in a rubbish bin

Nestita, a newly born kitten was found in a litter bin. A woman found this luckless little creature and took her in. It was do or die. But she survived. Her foster family pampered this sweet thing and now want to find a permanent warm basket for this little miracle. Nestita is an inside cat and we need her to find a heaven on earth after her difficult start in life. Click here for a little video of her.


August 25, 2017

Tomorrow 26th August is a VERY SPECIAL DAY ...


August 20, 2017

Thousands of thanks to Kristel, Earth, Sarah, Dana and Mario, .... for the amazing result of their Dodentocht!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Dear Kristel, Mario, Dana, Earth and Sarah, we are more than proud of you for this incredible achievement. We heard it was a tough trip and yet you went, you felt you had to do it!
No words are enough, thank you very much to you and all supporters!

Here we - Kristel, Mario, Dana, Earth and Sarah - are very pleased and proud too and would like to report that from our Dodentocht 2017 we collected € 3455 Shin!

Thank you to our sponsors, our faithful team followers. And all supporters.

An enormous merci!

Dominique: all she needs is a lot of love and a little patience

Dominique is a young dog who was found on the streets and was brought to Amalia, one of our loving Spanish foster moms. Other dogs are no problem to this little brownie but people do need to have some patience with her. She suffered badly, that's clear, you can always tell - but once you've captured her heart she will follow you wherever you go, she will become your best friend! 

In stressful situations she still gets anxious and she dares to snap, out of insecurity, but never towards her master because he is her guardian angel. Dominique needs somebody who wants to put her on the right path, who wants to give her confidence in life. Somebody who understands her and is willing to give her time. 

She is still young, not yet four, so with a little bit of patience and a gentle approach she will melt. Where there is a will, there is a way. Who wants to take care of this little girl? She will be infinitely grateful! There's more information on her page.

Why on earth is Brody still looking for his golden basket?

Just look at him? Why on earth has this dear chap still not been adopted?

You don't notice him in a big group because Brody is an inconspicuous, young black doggie...a simple chap who clearly has inherited the good Labrador gens. He is playful and gets along well with the other dogs. We noticed Brody in the killingstation and we know by experience that black dogs are not in demand here. 

We took this young dog with us as quickly as possible because his life was in danger. He's been with us for three and a half years, since he was nearly 18 months old - no fault of his own, who knows why this lovely dog has not been adopted yet. 

He is currently in a lovely foster home in the Netherlands. But three and a half years is long enough. Brody is growing up; he's looking for a forever owner, as soon as possible. This chap has a lot of potential; he will surely become a loyal, inquisitive and affectionate mate for his new owner, 

For the fan of black who wants to give Brody a new chance to find happiness... please take  look at his information and lovely videos - here

Loving, loyal and intelligent. That's Brody.

August 19, 2017

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Albabina

Albabina, now called Donna has been staying in the Netherlands for some time now. She is incredibly sweet and is doing very well.  The foster family has since taken in a second dog and Albabina gently welcomed it and accepted it. And she also saw it leaving for its very own home, its forever home. So now, who has a home for her?  This good girl deserves it! She's looking for a boss or a family who will enjoy walking with her. She listens well and is good with other dogs and will probably get used to cats. Will you visit her? Please do. She so deserves her own home. For more information please click here. You will read about the horrible start in life she had and how she has responded to the love and care from her first forster mum in Spain, Isabeleke, and from her Belgian foster home.


Snapshots from the Refugio

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Sharmi - sweet, gentle - after two years, she so deserves a forever home

The latest update for our sweet Sharmi was dated 12th May, this year, 2017. This cute Sharpei lady, currently in fostercare in Belgium, is still waiting for a nice forever home. Good food (she really likes everything), a little love and a little walk - Sharmi doesn't ask for much. She loves people a lot and can't get enough of asking for hugs from anyone crossing her path. After all those years of neglect she is so grateful with some attention. She is also as soft as a bear and can look incredibly sweet so that you give in every time :) 

Sharmi is a sensitive soul and a consistent but gentle approach is necessary. She knows the basic commands like bowl, sit, wait and paw. She has already walked in a safe place, but she is comforatble around other animals, such as cats, rabbits or horses, and so far they don't bother her. She is fine on the flexilead. She's good with other dogs, as long as they are not too active or dominant. She does not like them to come into her personal space and snuggle up to her. 

With our chihuahuas she is amazing, very soft and tolerant. The smallest ones are really fond of her and can even sleep on top of her back. With other dogs she has an attidude that's something like "you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone". She just wants do do her own thing. Therefore she needs to be placed as the only dog in the family. 

Her body is sadly showing some signs of her terrible past. In addition to some scars, she suffers from chronic ear infections. This is now under control, but her ears must be cleaned regularly. Just a little cleaner or ointment in her ears a few times a week, no more than that. As if this was not enough, she also has a thickening of her mammary gland. At the moment, this remains stable and there is no reason to be worried. 

Who will take this treasure home and gives her the care and love she deserves? It's not Sharmi's fault she was born in the wrong place. This poor unfortnate really deserves the very best home!


Zino is going home ....

Zino's adopters are coming every day of their holiday to have cuddles with him. He will be flying home to them as soon as possible.

August 18, 2017

Fabienne's Dog of the Day: where is Loekie's golden basket?

Look at that beautiful face? Please, he's asking. Please will you be the one to give me my golden basket in my forever home. Here are some films and more information about Loekie.

Sus needs a home so badly - who will make this sweethearts life complete?

Sus - loving and affectionate and great with children. 

He's such a darling dog. So sweet and gentle. He's appeared on this blog before - click here to read more about him. He's brilliant with children and he really needs a home where he will be loved and cherished and love and cherish back, unconditionally. 

A killing station is no place for any dog ...

Two poodles brought in, inseperable

Moetsie and Poetsie are inseparable.  Two sisters who have spent their lives together, gone everywhere together and were known by everyone who saw them out with their owner. Even now, they will come to you. They are used to people and to being treated nicely.

But their owner became ill and they ended up in the cold, hostile killing station, where they clung together. They sat apathetically, leaning against each other in that sad cage. They had no idea what had happened to them, why they were in that horrible place. 

When we took them away from there, their little bodies were wriggling with happiness, relief and thankfulness. In they car they sat on our laps and you could see them starting to relax again. Now they are with us and of course they are together in the same cage. But they shouldn't be there. they don't belong here. 

They are fragile litle princesses. Quiet, sweet dogs. We would love for them to find a home where they can stay together. They are truly inseperable. If one of them has to go to the vet, the other will be in a total panic. So sad to see that. 

Moetsie and Poetsie belong together. It's obvious. They are really hoping to find a true, warm basket. Together for ever.  For more informaton about these two darlings, please click on their names below their photographs.

August 13, 2017

Dog of the day: WILLEM

Just look at that sweet face. All he wants is someone to love.

Willem is a real sweetheart who would like a warm golden basket with someone who loves him and whom he can love. Who will make Willem happy? (And get his unconditional love in return.)

 Click here for a movie made about him.  And if you would like more information click here.

A compliment from the staff at Malaga Airport!

We got a message from the staff of Malaga airport, to say that as always our dogs look so good - it's great to hear that!! And once again more lucky dogs - four this time - are on their way to their forever homes.