August 13, 2017

Would you like a friend for life?


Korneel grew up in the Refugio. It was the only home he knew. So he had no idea how to be in a family, how to behave in different circumstances. Then his luck appeared to change and he found a was adopted in Belgium. Unfortunately this stay was only short-lived, he found it difficult to cope, his character canged and so his owners sent him away and he went to a foster family. 

There were other dogs at the foster home and that came as another shock, another change. He was confused at first because he found he was able to do what he wanted to and once more he didn't know how to behave. He was shocked and confused. But he settled down after a couple of days, once he got used to everything and quickly adapted. Now he loves to play with the other dogs in his host family. 

He enjoys going for walks, but preferably with a dog harness, as he is inclined to be frightened by loud noises and tends to want to run away when he hears them.  He is social towards other dogs and behaves well in the pack. Korneel is not a difficult eater and adores to get some sweets. Once he trusts you, he really is such a dear. He gives you licks and comes to join you on the sofa.

Korneel needs a patient owner with experience, who wants to guide him. For he is now ready for a true forever home - a family who wants to adopt him definitively. A family who will trust him, cuddle him and who will know how to teach him to feel even more self confident. A family with younger children up to about 12 years old would be too busy for him as he may still panic and lash out. On the other hand he would love to be in a family with other dogs as he'd enjoy having a playmate or playmates.

Who will give our dear Korneel a chance and offer him, finally, a steady and warm new home?  If you do you will have a big friend for life! 

Why not come and visit us and meet Korneel and get to know him and see how he reacts, so you can assess the situation better. 

For more information and some lovely videos of Korneel, please click here. If you would like to have extra information about Korneel, please refer to the name and the reference number (6387) 

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