August 02, 2017

Please do adopt older dogs - they are so wonderful.


I would like to fly the flag for the older dogs who are being looked after by ACE. We currently have 5 senior dogs living with us, 2 of which come from ACE.

In October 2015, Gitta came to live with us, and perfect lady that she is, got used to our Dutch habits in no time. Gitta is a real all rounder - she enjoys attention, a regular walk , and of course food.
Gitta's health was perfect. Unfortunately, now that she's almost 15 she now beginning to go a bit demented. However, with the support of a pill, her behavior is calmer, and she can enjoy her last period of this world in a good way.

On May 1, Toy arrived in the Netherlands and he came to live with us. Toy turned 11 in June. He has had a terrible time in Spain. Hartworm, Leishmania, abandoned by his family and ending up in a killing station. Thanks to ACE, came into loving hands again.

Toy is a terribly affectionate boy, He had some adjustment problems but those are now as good as disappeared! He enjoys his life in the Netherlands, and how happy we are with this mannekin. We hope to have many adventures with him for years to come.

Senior dogs also deserve a warm basket, not just the younger ones. It gives so much satisfaction to see how much they enjoy their basket and their new life.

So here are some pictures of Gitta and Toy their nice baskets.

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