August 18, 2017

A killing station is no place for any dog ...

Two poodles brought in, inseperable

Moetsie and Poetsie are inseparable.  Two sisters who have spent their lives together, gone everywhere together and were known by everyone who saw them out with their owner. Even now, they will come to you. They are used to people and to being treated nicely.

But their owner became ill and they ended up in the cold, hostile killing station, where they clung together. They sat apathetically, leaning against each other in that sad cage. They had no idea what had happened to them, why they were in that horrible place. 

When we took them away from there, their little bodies were wriggling with happiness, relief and thankfulness. In they car they sat on our laps and you could see them starting to relax again. Now they are with us and of course they are together in the same cage. But they shouldn't be there. they don't belong here. 

They are fragile litle princesses. Quiet, sweet dogs. We would love for them to find a home where they can stay together. They are truly inseperable. If one of them has to go to the vet, the other will be in a total panic. So sad to see that. 

Moetsie and Poetsie belong together. It's obvious. They are really hoping to find a true, warm basket. Together for ever.  For more informaton about these two darlings, please click on their names below their photographs.

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