August 19, 2017

Sharmi - sweet, gentle - after two years, she so deserves a forever home

The latest update for our sweet Sharmi was dated 12th May, this year, 2017. This cute Sharpei lady, currently in fostercare in Belgium, is still waiting for a nice forever home. Good food (she really likes everything), a little love and a little walk - Sharmi doesn't ask for much. She loves people a lot and can't get enough of asking for hugs from anyone crossing her path. After all those years of neglect she is so grateful with some attention. She is also as soft as a bear and can look incredibly sweet so that you give in every time :) 

Sharmi is a sensitive soul and a consistent but gentle approach is necessary. She knows the basic commands like bowl, sit, wait and paw. She has already walked in a safe place, but she is comforatble around other animals, such as cats, rabbits or horses, and so far they don't bother her. She is fine on the flexilead. She's good with other dogs, as long as they are not too active or dominant. She does not like them to come into her personal space and snuggle up to her. 

With our chihuahuas she is amazing, very soft and tolerant. The smallest ones are really fond of her and can even sleep on top of her back. With other dogs she has an attidude that's something like "you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone". She just wants do do her own thing. Therefore she needs to be placed as the only dog in the family. 

Her body is sadly showing some signs of her terrible past. In addition to some scars, she suffers from chronic ear infections. This is now under control, but her ears must be cleaned regularly. Just a little cleaner or ointment in her ears a few times a week, no more than that. As if this was not enough, she also has a thickening of her mammary gland. At the moment, this remains stable and there is no reason to be worried. 

Who will take this treasure home and gives her the care and love she deserves? It's not Sharmi's fault she was born in the wrong place. This poor unfortnate really deserves the very best home!


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