August 27, 2017

Albertito: waiting outside the Mercadona ...

From Fabienne's Diary.
Today - August 27th

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Albertito was a dog that apparently alllowed to come almost everywhere with his boss, including to the Mercadona supermarket, where people go grocery shopping every day. He was tied up with his lead at the door, and there he stood without supervision or the protection of his owner, waiting for her. To me, leaving your dog outside the supermarket is unthinkable. when you think of how many dogs get stolen these days. You're not going to risk it, are you?

But there stood Albert, watching all the people going shopping, going inside and out again. But his owner did not appear. And then the supermarket closed. The Police were called and he was brought to the killing station, where his days, due to his age, would be numbered -  if he had not been saved by us.

He is a great fellow, good with all his 4-legged friends here, both cats and dogs, a humble little guy who, despite everything, is happy to be safe. But he should be living somewhere where he can be himslef. He does not understand why his boss didn't come back ... And we can not explain it to him either.  He puts his old snout into your hand and looks at you with his sweet eyes ... How could this happen to him?

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