August 20, 2017

Why on earth is Brody still looking for his golden basket?

Just look at him? Why on earth has this dear chap still not been adopted?

You don't notice him in a big group because Brody is an inconspicuous, young black doggie...a simple chap who clearly has inherited the good Labrador gens. He is playful and gets along well with the other dogs. We noticed Brody in the killingstation and we know by experience that black dogs are not in demand here. 

We took this young dog with us as quickly as possible because his life was in danger. He's been with us for three and a half years, since he was nearly 18 months old - no fault of his own, who knows why this lovely dog has not been adopted yet. 

He is currently in a lovely foster home in the Netherlands. But three and a half years is long enough. Brody is growing up; he's looking for a forever owner, as soon as possible. This chap has a lot of potential; he will surely become a loyal, inquisitive and affectionate mate for his new owner, 

For the fan of black who wants to give Brody a new chance to find happiness... please take  look at his information and lovely videos - here

Loving, loyal and intelligent. That's Brody.

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