October 29, 2016

Hero (Kero at ACE)

This picture was taken when Hero was found in the field.

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

At the beginning of May 2016, we collected Hero (then Kero) from the airport in Rotterdam.
Long before that we had seen him on the ACE website. A dog that had been found
in a field, badly beaten. His mouth was fastened with tape and something had been thrown at his
head. With what little strength he had left, he was trying to stand back up and he was yelping
in pain on the ground.

Fortunately, he was found in time. We really wanted to care for him and provide him with security.
We wanted to make sure that he would never, never ever be abused again. After we had made this known we had a home visit. Everything was fine.

We had to wait a long time before Hero could come to the Netherlands. Clearly he first had to get stronger and regain his health. Hero had suffered a lot. His left eye had to be removed.

We thought we were getting a very anxious and jumpy dog but that was not true. Hero behaved as if he had always lived here and wanted to be equal to Bossing, our other dog. At first he refused to be cuddled too much. When we wanted to hug him, he stiffened and tried to get away. Now he wants to cuddle all day and loves to be with us on the couch.

For several weeks now we have been happy to let him run loose when we go for walks. We go to a large field nearby and he can run there. He listens well and is ready to come to us when we call him. He if he thinks he gets the chance, he tries to stay out walking.

Of course, we keep a close eye on him and always close the gate immediately once we leave or come home.

We are very pleased that we were able to adopt Hero and save his world !!


Wolter, Gonny and Anne.

This picture was taken at the vet shortly after he was found.

This photo was taken at our home. Delicious to see him asleep in his 'golden basket'.

Am I not pretty ???

I love to play in the water with my "brother".

Once a Spaniard, always a Spaniard - sunbather Hero!

Despite nearly four years' wait, our clinic is taking shape at last ...

Dear Floyd, beautiful, blonde boy,

Dear Floyd, beautiful blonde boy,

Your beautiful eyes and faithful glance made me choose you as my virtual adopted dog. You live in distant Spain, in the custody and care of true animal lovers. They do everything to make the wait for a nice boss bearable for you.

So I was so happy with the news, a few days ago that a real adoption candidate had presented itself. I waited in suspense to hear the outcome of the proceedings.

This morning, the verdict came. With disbelief and regret I stared at the screen. The adoption could not proceed. But besides the sadness I felt proud. Proud of the man or woman who has taken this decision. Proud of the courage and integrity this person has shown because, Floyd, this person has thought of your happiness and well-being. They have put your interests before theirs. What we all want for you is a warm secure home where you will be cherished as a true family member.

Dear Floyd, the wait continues. So I would like to put my arms around you. I want to lay my head on yours and whisper that everything will be fine. But I live here, and you're over there. I promise you that every day I will look at your picture, so hard that you'll feel it. You'll feel the love and know that I am thinking of you.

All the best big guy,
Ann Van Impe and Ace dog Chanty

DAMIANO and DANILA - true friendship!




They were both dumped at the entrance of our Refugio.  A slightly older dog tied to a chain; he was unable to move and sat looking around anxiously. His companion Danila, was sitting beside him without a lead, and not tied up.When we were taking the older dog into the Refugio, Danila did not leave him for a moment. She continued to walk beside him and walked right into the refugio with us.

She is a very likeable dog and has a sympathetic, slightly timid character; our Damiano is much more complicated, as you would be if you have always lived in a house and then dumped to find yourself living in a cold kennel. It's not what you need when you are already 7 years old. We are trying so hard to do our best, we give them a blanket and a basket, we hug them and speak lovingly to them. We care for them and feed them  and even let them out for exercise and a bit of freedom.

But it cannot ever compare to being 'AT HOME' - what a dog experiences when he is dumped is very often underrated.  They cannot tell us how they feel, but we know and we feel so strongly with us.

They can not tell us, but we know and feel so with them .. Damiano and Danila ... two dogs ... we want so much to find someone who will take care of them forever.


Jocko (Shanti) and Fieke (Mimi)


We have something we would like to tell you ...

About 5 years ago I adopted Jocko (Shanti) from your organization - she was a sweet but oh so scared Podenco.

With patience, reward-based training and the special help of my other Shin-dog, our Bodeguero Fieke (Mimi), she gradually opened up and flourished. She regained faith in people and her curiosity is now stronger than her timidness. For example, I recently took her to meet the residents of the nursing home where I work. I had never thought I would be able to do this with her.

By telling this story I want to say that every dog ​​is worth saving and that with the right approach and patience you will finally get the most beautiful gift: the true love of a dog.

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Fieke is now the "mother superior" of our party of four (besides Jocko and Fieke we also have Jin, a Belgian shepherd, and Kamiel, also an adopted dog). In 2015 she was seriously ill but she has fortunately recovered and is now experiencing her second youth.

Together we now enjoy happiness every day with our four-legged friends ...

One message: Do not shop, adopt ...!

Attached are some pictures of a dog's life ;-)

Greetings from Geraardsbergen

Silke & Kristof
Flieke, Jocko, Kamiel & Jin

URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR BERTRAND & PEONITA - they have to leave their beloved home.

When we got this email, it hit like a bomb ...

"Several years ago we adopted Bertrand from your shelter. One year Peonita came to us too. (Both had been 'long stayers'.) Unfortunately we now have to sell our house because we are separating (the  sale will be completed in December). Because of this I am forced to rent an apartment and I must therefore and with a heavy heart find somewhere for both our dogs ...
Can you help me with this? "

We now know that both Bertrand and Peonita have to leave their beloved owners ... Because of adivorce, both dogs happiness has come to an end. Both dogs stayed a very long time in the Refugio before they could go home. When they were adopted we (and they) were so very happy. Unfortunately, today, after three years of adoption, their happiness is once more in jeopardy.

I remember how Peonita and Bertrand were in the refugio, often sitting quietly inside their cage, watching their neighbors who were about to go home; this happened again and again All that time they had no luck in finding a boss, no matter how hard we tried. They were not the sort of dogs who drew immediate attention. They are ordinary dogs who like all dogs just want to be loved and cherished. When they were finally reserved, we were so happy and for them a new life had begun.
There were celebrations at the Refugio when these sweet dogs went home after such a long time. And then this message came ... how can it be possible?

Bertrand and Peonita are two very sensitive dogs, both are very grateful and attached to those who love them, and now their hearts will break yet again ...Neither Bertrand nor Peonita are young anymore but they were finally happy and now have to leave. We are doing everything we possibly can to find a solution for them and hoping against hope that we will find it. The very last thing we want to do is to have to fly them back to Spain.

Bertrand and Peonita are used to living together in a family environment, they are both educated and know what they can and cannot do. They are housebroken and obedient and are used to living in a family. It is inconceivable that these two dear ones should have to be out in the cold again after the setbacks they already had in Spain.

I remember how great we felt and how lucky when we knew they had finally found a new owner, but now life has turned against them again. So we are now urgently looking for a new family for them, a family who will give them a warm basket and who will cherish them forever ..

Let us work together to find a solution to save their happiness ... this bad luck must not happen to them again.


October 23, 2016


Dear people at ACE CHARITY,

All is going wonderfully well with me ... I have now been a little over a year in the Netherlands and I have been living in Sittard since late February of this year.

Mia could no longer care for me because she became ill. She still visits me regularly and every few days we send her pictures of me. She likes that very much because she still misses me.

Here I have two dogs friends who are both the same age. But with my ever-present enthusiasm my new bosses were at first concerned. Now I am totally used to everything. I still like being naughty and collect all the socks I come across throughout the house and occasionally I bite some piece of furniture. I believe they don't find quite okay but I use all my charms so they can not really be mad haha. And I have more than enough charm and I always know how to use it at the right time.
Every day we go for a long walk with the female. Behind our house there is nothing but fields and forests. And I can always run loose there but only when the female is with me.

And yes, I do run fast but I understand completely. Listening is not my forte but I enjoy everything and have good eye for my surroundings and alwaysararea my  know exactly where the other dogs and my wife.It sometimes happens that I have my own plan, especially if I am following a trail. I do not listen to Dan and he and my mistress lose sight of me, but they usually know where to wait for me and however long I've been gone she is always happy to see me again.

Sometimes I run back home already even if that's a long way. Clever heh !! But then my mom is already on the bike so she can catch up with me. And you know that I am allowed to take part in these outings regularly because I have the most energy of the three of us. I love being in the car and then swimming together or walking somewhere, delicious. I went swimming for the first time last August. It was sooooo exciting it. At first I was a bit afraid, but once I got used to it it was fine. And I slept a lot after this experience. I like lots of cuddling and am happy to ask for attention. And yes I do love treats!

Dear people at ACE I am so grateful to you for giving me the chance of a new life. Our whole family admires all the great work you do and that of the many volunteers who are always there for those of us who were living hopeless lives until you gave us a chance.

A paw and hugs from me Sinde and many dear greetings from my family.

Once again, additional stress for our dogs who were due to fly home!!!

A mad dash at crack of dawn

Everything went very smoothly on Sunday night. By some miracle all our dogs were allowed on the flight, which is not always the case with Brussels airlines. Unfortunately during the last month we have not had one flight without some problem!

So this time we drove home happily. We had just got into the house and greeted our dogs when the phone rang. "Hello .. Fabienne, can you come back and collect your dogs because the flight has been canceled .."

No, please no ... we had no choice but to go back and pick up the dogs.  We were told they could fly at noon the next day. It was a short night because the telephone rang suddenly at 7.50 -
"Where are you? Where are the dogs?"
"Uh ... what ... what do you mean ... "
"Yes, the dogs are flying at 10 o'clock ..."
Dirk said, "Come on, let's try"

Half dressed and in a terrible rush we set off. I cannot describe the stress, our shaking bodies, the mad dash to the refugio to collect the dogs, then the drive to the airport - flying low is what we call it. We only just made it to the counter before it closed and our dogs were allowed on the flight.

Thanks to the passengers who waited for us so patiently. And thanks to everyone who helped. When at last the flight left, when they were safely in the air, we sat down for a bit. We made it!!! We succeeded and our darlings were on their way to a better and happier place.

At last! Dirk and our wonderful escorts with the - finally- lucky dogs!

Happy Balet!

Getting aquainted.

Golden Cushion!

Warm and Cosy.


No need for nerves! Mila took to us straight away!

It's been a year since we went to Belgium to pick up Mila. We were super nervous. What if she didn't want to come with us, what if she didn't want to get in the car, what if ...?

The stress proved to be totally unnecessary; the car door was not even fully open when Mila was already in! We almost immediately stopped for a moment to walk into the woods, where we took the first picture. From day one Mila felt totally at home with us.

She can be very funny. In the beginning, Mila did not know very well what it was to play and she was sometimes a little wild, but now she can't get enough of it.

All three of us are the very best of friends, but that is clearly seen in the second photo!

Greetings Jocelyn, Alex & Mila, of course. This year has been fantasic and we hope to enjoy her for a long time to come.

The best of friends!


About a year ago, Vita (formerly Saartje) came to live with us. She was rescued from a dog pound in Spain at the beginning of July, 2015, She was in bad shape and very skinny.
Thanks to ACE she has been given a second chance.


Vita is naturally a happy, playful and social dog. In the beginning she had to get used to our two males, because they are bigger than she is. After three months she felt totally at ease with them, and now they all look out for each other. They play together, challenge each other, sleep together and Vita also climbs up the cat's climbing tree just as well as the cat! The nicest thing I find about Vietje is that she has a very strong mind of her own. For instance, we will not go outside if it rains!!! And when I'm spending too long working on the screen of my laptop /on my phone /staring at the TV, she gets behind me and slaps at me with her front paws ... so there's no lack of assertiveness ;-)

Last year was fantastic and I hope to enjoy her for a long time.

Our Antoinette is no longer with us ...

Our little old lady was very happy during her last years with her beloved owners.

Our Louisiana is no longer with us. RIP sweet Louisiana.

RIP beautiful soul

Our dear Louisiana, was sent to the killing station along with her puppies. I will never forget her story. She was sitting in that awful place, desolate and weak, surrounded by her pups. Once they were ready to leave her, when they could be weaned, she would be destroyed because who would want an emaciated, exhausted mother dog. That's what they told us.

Louisiana looked at me and I couldn't let go - she came with me. She had been living at the Refugio for some time until her owners fell in love with this beautiful sweetheart and took her to France. They took her to a heaven on earth. They had saved her world, and she now lived in a world that was  a dream come true.

Today we received the news that she had passed away. After being in heaven for four years. Respect and thanks to her adopters who gave a dog like her a chance. They experienced the joy a dog like this can bring you: the gratitude, the friendship.

 Louisiana ... rest in peace darling ... you were a wonderful dog, inside and outside, ... you will never be forgotten.

Thanks to Marnix and his family for making her happy ...
Thanks to all adoptive parents who have so often given a dog a chance and given them heaven on earth ...
Thanks for saving their world ... ..


Thank you Fabienne for saving her four years ago.
XXX Marnix, Maja

October 22, 2016

The Progress of Section 4.

The works are moving forward slowly. We are now laying the floors everywhere,  the sleeping areas will be elevated. That way the dogs will be better protected against bad weather and rain. The gutters will be installed this week. We are progressing. Here you can see the first steps in the creation of the new clinic.