November 24, 2019

Flippy - one of our golden oldies


Flippy is a Bodeguero - we call them the smiley dogs!

Dear little Flippy was given away by his owner, a hunter, who didn't want him any more. Thus he came to live in foster care with our wonderful foster mama, Isabelleke. That was four years ago and we think it's really time for him to have a wonderful, loving family where he will be a family dog rather than one of a pack. Isabelleke loves her foster dogs and they love her but there's no substitute for a forever home.

Flippy is one of our golden oldies - he's nine and a half not young but not all that old and with plenty of love and friendship to give. He's very social with other dogs but is sometimes overwhelmed by the larger pack and then he can get a bit jealous. He's better with a couple of the dogs he especially likes. Flippy is a typical Bodeguero- a happy, cheerful little dog who loves people and hugs and adores snuggling up against you. We hope there is someone out there who will help this dear character enjoy the rest of his sweet life. 

To find out more about Flippy, please click on his name.

Two brothers and a sister - one has already been lucky ...

                                Domilon                                                            Comilon

Domilon, Comilon and Barby are two brothers and and a sister from a litter found in the outskirts of Malaga.  Abandoned and left to their own devices though they were very small puppies. At first they were cared for in a foster family but they are now with us. They are soft, somewhat timid dogs, very social and very sweet with you once they get to know you. They are developing well and are very sweet dogs that are still small and can learn a lot. Excellent  !!

Barby already found a nice home, but her brothers Dormilon and Comilon are still waiting in our shelter. Two sweet young puppies with a lot of devotion to give. Will you give them a chance?

For information about Dormilon, click here

For information about Comilon, click here 

As if you needed another reason .....

November 23, 2019

Why would anyone abandon such a dear soul ....

Out in the campo, Celia, yet another Podenco mother lying abandoned, unwanted and unseen. She became pregnant unintentionally and nature took it's course. More unwanted puppies, unwanted by humans but not by their mum. 

A scared and insecure dog, due to the person who abandoned her so cruel. It wasn't easy to catch her but eventually we managed. And now she is with us in the Refugio, together with her little ones. 

In the first few days she literally peed herself out of fear, but is she getting better and better day by day. Her fear has gradually subsided so that now she will give grateful kisses and is calmer and more relaxed because she knows it is all alright now. 

Her little ones are so well cared for and loved by her. So many unknown ones, have to suffer in this cruel world. This sweet, gentle Podenco was lucky. ... It is now up to us to help this family find happiness for the rest of their lives. 

For more information about Celia, please click here. 

This Rockstar needs some TLC

This sweet little man was saved from a Spanish family who first loved him but then tossed him out like a piece of dirt.  It was a lot for this small dog to cope with.  Rockstar is scared if  he doesn’t know you, but once the ice is broken, he will give you complete devotion. He's having a very difficult time in the shelter. He is overwhelmed by the dogs, both the big ones and the sheer number of dogs, by the noise and the cage in which he has to live here. We are doing our best for this little guy but it is the umpteenth hell he must go through. He needs to come home, to a home where he can relax and unwind for some weeks to adjust. Then he will be your unconditional friend for life. 

Rockstar is still young, six and a half. He's a cross Pinscher - small and delicate. For more details of this dear little dog pleas click here.

November 19, 2019

Casper and Mees - such good dogs, so deserving of a forever home.


                         Casper (formerly Isidor)              &           Mees (formerly Cafelito)

These two darling boys have had to deal with many changes in their lives and would love now to just settle down calmly in a new forever home. To the same family if possible, but to different families if necessary. They were adopted from ACE together as puppies. And it all went well for some time. But things change, things that are outside the control of either people or dogs. Their boss found himself alone and he also needed to be away for hours at a time for work. The two dogs were well cared for, fed and loved. But they had to spend long long hours all alone. And that wasn't good for them. 

The decision was taken to find them a foster home, where they would at least have companionship during the day. They have now been there for several months. Casper's foster mum says that he is housebroken and familiar with a crate. He walks nicely on a lead and can walk off lead where appropriate and safe. He likes that very much. Casper is very smart - he can miraculously open doors and steal food!!! He is good with children and is fine with other dogs, as long as he gets respect and can be the leader. He enjoys company and, not surprisingly, doesn't like to be alone. He has some fear of abandonment but we are working on it. Casper is 8 years old, nearly 9. 

Mees is nearly 8. Not old at all. Both are lively and young at heart. Mees is a sturdy boy who could perhaps lose a bit of weight. He looks a bit like a brown Labrador. He is tough and sometimes a little dominant, especially towards other males. He absolutely loves swimming and can go wild in the forest. He is perhaps a bit too robust for small children but has no problem at all with teenagers. He doesn't like riding in the car too much and we don't know how he is with cats. But if you are looking for a sturdy, loyal companion who is used to living as a family pet, please take a look at Mees.

Both dogs are longing to be part of a family again, where they will be loved and petted, where they can be active and go for walks and chase after a ball. Whether they stay together or go to different families both dogs deserve a break and a new life. Are you the one to make their dreams come true?

For more information about Mees, please click here.
For more information about Casper, please click here

Smiling Mees

Clever Casper

November 17, 2019

Turco: love and dedication

Not all the animals we rescue come in to the Refugio for rehoming. Sometimes if dogs, and cats too, are in a relatively safe area our wonderful volunteers visit them regularly, keep an eye on them and feed them.  If possible, they will trap them, castrate or sterilise them and return them to their area. It is not always a kindness to take an animal away from their familiar places. Some have been alone for too long, are happier with others of their kind and too fearful of humans to be rehomed.

As he came in to us

However, while watching over them in this way, situations arise where we positively have to intervene. This was the case with Turko. A few weeks ago Vivien brought him in because he had a horrible, festering wound on his leg. It was so bad it looked as if the leg would have to be amputated, and that would have seriously affected his ability to continue living outside in his village as he had before.

Fantastic work by our vets. 

But thanks to the marvellous care of our wonderful vets, Wayne and Javi, the leg is improving. Although it looked so hopeless, they decided to do everything they could to get it to heal before taking the difficult decision to amputate. And thanks to them, it worked. Today he is almost healthy again with 4 legs! Once again we are strong together! More news about Turko will follow on the Blog as he progresses. Thanks to everyone involved in this happy story. 

November 16, 2019

It's back .....


After a long absence, the English Blog is back. About nine months ago, Google stopped supporting Blogger, which meant that a new platform was needed. I struggled and struggled with the new site, but could never discover how to post photographs on it. And since photos of the dogs are an essential part of the stories, I finally stopped even trying a few months ago. In all the blog has been more or less inactive since March, bar a couple of (photo less) posts.

I will do my best to post regularly from now on. 

November 15, 2019

So sorry for the silence

The English Blog has not been live for some months, since Google stopped supporting Blogger. Today it seems that it is working again. Please watch this space. I am hoping it can start again very soon.