January 27, 2022

May I ask you to sign this petition, in the name of all the forgotten hunting dogs in Spain

Thursday, January 27, 2022

As you know there is new legislation proposed to recognise animals as sentient beings. Protected by law. But .... in the words of George Orwell "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." That seems to be the thinking in the Spanish Government. Because they intend to make hunting dogs an exception. They do not want them to have legal protection because powerful lobby groups representing the hunters and others want to be able to continue their abominations, their inhumane treatment of the animals, undisturbed! If they have their way, hunting dogs would remain objects and we cannot accept that!!! Please sign and share this petition and be the voice of these Podenco's Galgo's Beagles Breton Español Bodegero's ....

Please sign for them ....  https://chng.it/4H6GmTMV

You'll find the full story with details of the legislation here

Twenty six thousand - what's in a number?

Tuesday 25th January, 2021

What's in a number?When the number is 26,000 and the place is ACE-Shin that number represents 26,000 lives rescued and 26,000 golden baskets. It represents 26,000 poor souls saved from neglect, torture, cruelty, misery and abandonment. It represents 26,000 forever homes and a happy, secure future for each one. 

Of course 26,000 is not an exact number because since arriving at that total, many more of our darlings will have been re-homed. And of course there are still the darlings waiting for a home and the rescues continue, with more arriving daily. Our work is never done, however much we may pray that our help would no longer be needed. However much we may wish that there be no more cruelty, no more animals abandoned to their fate. For as long as the indifference and cruelty continues, we'll be there.

I sponsored my first dog, Enzio, more than twelve years ago, and my first visit to the Refugio was a few years later in 2011. I have been so privileged to know and write about some of the wonderful dogs who found their golden baskets. Here are just a few of them - they have all touched my heart in different ways.

Enzio, now Vasco

I spent hours looking at the database, trying to choose a dog to sponsor. The short list ran to about 50! I had to choose and chose Enzio, mainly because he looked so terrified, so lost. After a few years, on my first visit I met him. Well I sort of met him - the closest I could approach was several metres distant and all I could do was talk to him softly. The slightest movement had him slinking off to hide, shaking all over. The following year it was only marginally better and then, one day, I received and email saying 'Enzio is home'. Enzio's new family called him Vasco and his mistress says he reminds her of a 'reserved and serious English gentleman'. He is no longer scared. He is happy. The link below brings you to an earlier post with his full story.


Enzio, then

Enzio/Vasco at home with one of his adopted brothers

Vasco, a very relaxed 'English Gentleman'


She touched all our hearts, our little fatty, Bombadonneke. When I first saw her she was in a run with other dogs who were bullying her. Desperate to escape she managed to squeeze her fat little tummy under the wire. Seeing her distress, Fabienne took her home to foster. Where it transpired that the poor small thing was pregnant; an emergency Caesarean reveal a very large puppy, sadly dead. Once Bomba had recovered Fabienne put her on a diet of green beans, which wasn't easy because Bomba loved her food. But in time the little darling lost 6 kilos. It was a bitter sweet day when we learnt she had been adopted, we loved her so much but we wanted her to be happy. And she is. Her name is now Lola and her owners adore her, and she adores them too. Below is a link to an earlier post, when she was about to leave for her new home.

Before the great green bean diet

About to set out for her forever home

Slim and so happy with her new owners


Beautiful Steven.  Found wandering all alone in someone’s garden but now safe in the Refugio. Fabienne describes him as ‘the apple of our eye’.  I loved him when I met him – everyone loves this elegant and charming fellow and he loves them. Such an affectionate boy. Dogs are crazy about him too. Steven was in the Refugio for a long time; he made everyone happy but he so longed for his very own home and his very own boss. And then it came, what we'd all been longing for. Steven was adopted and now lives in Denmark - his very own home at last. .... just look at this happy boy in the pictures below. 

All dressed up and ready to fly to Denmark

Happy Steven playing chase with his new friend

Not just handsome, not just beautiful but the most loving, affectionate dog you could ever meet.

More happy endings to follow!

January 21, 2022

The joy when you can say ... "they're home!"

 Friday 21st January, 2022

During my time writing the English Blog and over the years during visits to the Refugio, I've become acquainted with various dogs. Either their story specially touched my heart, though of course they all do, or perhaps I formed a bond with a particular dog while in La Cala. Dogs such as Enzio, Hammy (I gave him his name), Rory, Steven, Stefan, little puppy Clodagh and many many more. And of course, Pippie and Cloeie who I was privileged to be able to save from a killing station. 

There's such joy and relief each time a precious one finds their forever home. For me it's extra special when it's one I have known personally. And I know that joyful feeling is even more intense for Fabienne and her whole team, who have cared for and loved these sweet animals day in and day out for weeks, months, years. 

Below is a random selection of dogs and cats who have recently found their forever homes.



Levi (ACE India) has been in her new home in the Netherlands for barely two weeks. Her owners write that's she's doing really well and has become a lot calmer already. She's getting lots of cuddles from her whole family and they are delighted with her progress.


Dear Pongo has been with his very own family for nearly a year. He's having the best time ever, cuddling, running by the sea and through the forest. He divides his time between home, where he loves to snuggle on the sofa and travelling round Europe with his family. His owners adore him and he's one happy doggie.


Early last Sunday, Scarlet's new owners came all the way to fetch her. Lucky little Scarlet is flying home with them, leaving her sad past behind and looking forward to a wonderful new life, full of love.

Odette and Marcel

Odette (left) was adopted in November 2020 and Marcel (right) adopted in May 2021. Formerly called Carmen and Dali, they are leading a life of luxury with owners love them and who couldn't be without them.

saturday, january 1, 2022
ACE Murphy, ACE Meeko and ACE Mandarine wish everyone with you a very Happy New Year 2022.
We wish that every dog and kitty with you will soon find a golden basket or scratching post 🤗 you are doing a wonderful job and we have taken you into our hearts. You have our support forever❤️ 

ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS of the COVER MODEL 2022 photo contest!

 Friday 21st January, 2022

On December 11, we launched our photo contest during the ACE SHIN anniversary. For one month, photos of ACE SHIN's own lucky stars could be submitted and voted on.

The 378 entries formed a gallery of lucky charmers, each of which deserves to become a COVER MODEL for ACE SHIN. They represent all of our four-legged friends who, despite their past, have found their way to happiness. The jury was therefore pleased to have to choose the winners from among these beauties.

Besides the many moments of happiness that viewing all those photos brought, the gallery also provided the necessary publicity. There were 22,304 votes, and the photo gallery was viewed almost 50,000 times! Hopefully this will help more dogs and cats find their own golden basket.

The jury also declared the dog and cat with the most votes as WINNERS of the contest. Together they will adorn the front page of www.ace-charity.org in 2022! 



January 10, 2022

A new year, a new chance of happiness ..... Filio

Monday 10th January, 2022

What a sweetie. Such a cuddler. Nevertheless our dear Filio hasn't had a lot of luck. He belonged to a family, a family with children and another dog but for some unfathomable reason, once they took Filio into their home they ignored him. And then came the inevitable, they dumped him and he languished in another organisation for years, yearning for a new home. Felio's been with us for over a year now. He's a good boy; he is dominant with other males but otherwise he's calm and strong. He loves to go for a walk to the beach with our volunteers. Our darling is slightly older now and desperate to come home. Who will give this gorgeous fellow the love he deserves. For more information, please click on his name by the photo.


January 08, 2022

Hooray! Anniversary fundraising target for the sterilisation device achieved!

8th January, 202

On the ACE SHIN Birthday, we launched a big fundraising appeal to enable us to purchase a LigaSure sterilisation device, with which we can better help thousands of dogs and cats!

And on 6th January, on Fabienne's birthday, the goal was reached with a donation of €165.00. A lot of kind people have donated both small and large amounts of money to this great cause, gradually nearing the target... until yesterday when we finally reached our goal.

We are immensely happy with this result! Also it's a great start to the New Year! The vessel-sealing device, which is used for veterinary surgical procedures, will be ordered immediately and, as soon as we start using it, we will of course share this happy moment!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who made this possible!

Fabienne, Dirk, Team ACE SHIN & our four-legged friends

Black Boy and his oranges ...

Saturday 8th January, 2022 

This handsome, slightly older chap, Black Boy, was bought as a little Labrador by a Spanish family. The children were crazy about this beautiful black pearl which made them feel good. But, alas, when Black Boy became a teenager and did some nonsense, the owners decided to ban him to their country house. The children were less and less interested in him and no one took care of him, his cries were ignored because they had other priorities. This poor dog, once so happy, slowly turned into a ghost, forgotten by all, chained day and night somewhere in the interior of the country, where no one could hear him howl at night and where he no longer existed. 
One day a new neighbor moved in and noticed this dog bathing in his own droppings, among old, stale bread. He was in chains and hardly ever saw anyone. At first someone came by once a week, then less and less. One morning, Black Boy was lying motionless on the ground, and when the neighbor looked closely, it appeared that he was completely malnourished and extremely weak. This poor beast was simply starving !! The man informed our volunteer Isabel, who immediately took this severely weakened dog into her home.
It took months before he regained confidence, but gradually he saw light in the darkness again,… He gradually started to feel like living again and he learned to live among the large group of fellow sufferers who are all waiting for that one owner who will come along one day and offer them their golden basket, their forever home.
Yesterday, Black Boy suddenly started pulling oranges from the trees  in Isabel's orchard,... He put one in front of Isabelleke's feet and when she threw it for him, he happily ran after the oranges and brought it back to her.,... This was the turning point for all of us … and this makes you fall silent. He is looking forward to future again. Our sweetheart has found his health and spirits and is leaving the past behind him. Who will give him a few more years full of pampering , and with lots of balls to play with?

For more information about intelligent, playful Black Boy, please click on his name. 

January 02, 2022

News about Bellita, who after 3 years in our refugio, finally found a warm home.

Sunday 2nd December, 2022

Message from Bellita's owners.

Our dear Bellita has been with us for 2 weeks now and what a sweetheart! You can't go anywhere in the house but she comes with you. When you even look at her, she already starts wagging her tail and looks at you with her puppy eyes, so of course you have to stroke her every time before you can walk by. Her mischievousness and curiosity are also coming out more and more. She enjoys her daily walks, but she enjoys her lazy moments even more, then she can snore undisturbed all evening. Our old lady looks like a puppy again, in other words she has blossomed.

Thank you to everyone at SHIN for giving her a chance and saving her from the killing station.  Then thank you to all the people who gave her so much love as well as the aftercare and guidance that was certainly not lacking. All of you are doing a fantastic job. Without you Bellita would not have been able to enjoy her warm golden basket in her old age.

A big paw from Bellita and many greetings from her owners.

There are so many ways you can help our dogs and cats ...

Sunday 2nd January, 2022 

If you are new to ACE-Shin, or even if you have been following us for a while, you may not be aware of all the many ways you can help us. Apart from ongoing actions and special appeals, there are several groups which have been formed to collect or donate for specific purposes. Such as the Social and Online Promotions groups. 

There's the ACE-Facebook Savings Group for Emergency Medical Aid, who raise money for medical emergencies - such as Tobbe's operation (see last post).

There's ACE-Facebook Fundraisers who raise money for a variety of things, such as e.g. Donate a bowl of food.

Members of ACE - Facebook Marketplace / Sale donate items they no longer want and other members who are interested can buy them. 

The ACE-Facebook /Lottery organises amazing raffles with great prizes.

All the proceeds from these wonderful groups go to our dogs and cats. You can read the full details on this link on the website - https://www.ace-charity.org/en/social-online-acties/

Our sweet Tobbe is home!!!!!!

 Sunday 2nd January, 2022

Our darling Tobbe: home at last!

Sunday 2nd January, 2022

Last Thursday, 30 December, our Tobbe was picked up in Belgium, by his owners ... personally. 

It was a heartbreaking farewell to his foster family who pulled him through the difficult period...Today Tobbe is home! A big defenceless mastin who was once on the table for euthanasia because they didn't think he was worth it. Not worthy of having a life. We thought otherwise. We set up a fund, and after several setbacks - now, after more than fourteen long months our sweet Tobbe is HOME AT LAST!

Thank you to all donors, owners, team Spain, his foster family and Tobbe himself! Thank you all for this miraculous happy ending.

Below I have pasted the links to Tobbe's story as it appeared on this English Blog. They are in reverse order, with the first one being Dog of the Week in October, 2020.