January 02, 2022

Our sweet Tobbe is home!!!!!!

 Sunday 2nd January, 2022

Our darling Tobbe: home at last!

Sunday 2nd January, 2022

Last Thursday, 30 December, our Tobbe was picked up in Belgium, by his owners ... personally. 

It was a heartbreaking farewell to his foster family who pulled him through the difficult period...Today Tobbe is home! A big defenceless mastin who was once on the table for euthanasia because they didn't think he was worth it. Not worthy of having a life. We thought otherwise. We set up a fund, and after several setbacks - now, after more than fourteen long months our sweet Tobbe is HOME AT LAST!

Thank you to all donors, owners, team Spain, his foster family and Tobbe himself! Thank you all for this miraculous happy ending.

Below I have pasted the links to Tobbe's story as it appeared on this English Blog. They are in reverse order, with the first one being Dog of the Week in October, 2020.






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