January 02, 2022

News about Bellita, who after 3 years in our refugio, finally found a warm home.

Sunday 2nd December, 2022

Message from Bellita's owners.

Our dear Bellita has been with us for 2 weeks now and what a sweetheart! You can't go anywhere in the house but she comes with you. When you even look at her, she already starts wagging her tail and looks at you with her puppy eyes, so of course you have to stroke her every time before you can walk by. Her mischievousness and curiosity are also coming out more and more. She enjoys her daily walks, but she enjoys her lazy moments even more, then she can snore undisturbed all evening. Our old lady looks like a puppy again, in other words she has blossomed.

Thank you to everyone at SHIN for giving her a chance and saving her from the killing station.  Then thank you to all the people who gave her so much love as well as the aftercare and guidance that was certainly not lacking. All of you are doing a fantastic job. Without you Bellita would not have been able to enjoy her warm golden basket in her old age.

A big paw from Bellita and many greetings from her owners.

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