January 08, 2022

Hooray! Anniversary fundraising target for the sterilisation device achieved!

8th January, 202

On the ACE SHIN Birthday, we launched a big fundraising appeal to enable us to purchase a LigaSure sterilisation device, with which we can better help thousands of dogs and cats!

And on 6th January, on Fabienne's birthday, the goal was reached with a donation of €165.00. A lot of kind people have donated both small and large amounts of money to this great cause, gradually nearing the target... until yesterday when we finally reached our goal.

We are immensely happy with this result! Also it's a great start to the New Year! The vessel-sealing device, which is used for veterinary surgical procedures, will be ordered immediately and, as soon as we start using it, we will of course share this happy moment!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who made this possible!

Fabienne, Dirk, Team ACE SHIN & our four-legged friends

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