January 02, 2022

There are so many ways you can help our dogs and cats ...

Sunday 2nd January, 2022 

If you are new to ACE-Shin, or even if you have been following us for a while, you may not be aware of all the many ways you can help us. Apart from ongoing actions and special appeals, there are several groups which have been formed to collect or donate for specific purposes. Such as the Social and Online Promotions groups. 

There's the ACE-Facebook Savings Group for Emergency Medical Aid, who raise money for medical emergencies - such as Tobbe's operation (see last post).

There's ACE-Facebook Fundraisers who raise money for a variety of things, such as e.g. Donate a bowl of food.

Members of ACE - Facebook Marketplace / Sale donate items they no longer want and other members who are interested can buy them. 

The ACE-Facebook /Lottery organises amazing raffles with great prizes.

All the proceeds from these wonderful groups go to our dogs and cats. You can read the full details on this link on the website - https://www.ace-charity.org/en/social-online-acties/

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