January 08, 2022

Black Boy and his oranges ...

Saturday 8th January, 2022 

This handsome, slightly older chap, Black Boy, was bought as a little Labrador by a Spanish family. The children were crazy about this beautiful black pearl which made them feel good. But, alas, when Black Boy became a teenager and did some nonsense, the owners decided to ban him to their country house. The children were less and less interested in him and no one took care of him, his cries were ignored because they had other priorities. This poor dog, once so happy, slowly turned into a ghost, forgotten by all, chained day and night somewhere in the interior of the country, where no one could hear him howl at night and where he no longer existed. 
One day a new neighbor moved in and noticed this dog bathing in his own droppings, among old, stale bread. He was in chains and hardly ever saw anyone. At first someone came by once a week, then less and less. One morning, Black Boy was lying motionless on the ground, and when the neighbor looked closely, it appeared that he was completely malnourished and extremely weak. This poor beast was simply starving !! The man informed our volunteer Isabel, who immediately took this severely weakened dog into her home.
It took months before he regained confidence, but gradually he saw light in the darkness again,… He gradually started to feel like living again and he learned to live among the large group of fellow sufferers who are all waiting for that one owner who will come along one day and offer them their golden basket, their forever home.
Yesterday, Black Boy suddenly started pulling oranges from the trees  in Isabel's orchard,... He put one in front of Isabelleke's feet and when she threw it for him, he happily ran after the oranges and brought it back to her.,... This was the turning point for all of us … and this makes you fall silent. He is looking forward to future again. Our sweetheart has found his health and spirits and is leaving the past behind him. Who will give him a few more years full of pampering , and with lots of balls to play with?

For more information about intelligent, playful Black Boy, please click on his name. 

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