January 21, 2022

The joy when you can say ... "they're home!"

 Friday 21st January, 2022

During my time writing the English Blog and over the years during visits to the Refugio, I've become acquainted with various dogs. Either their story specially touched my heart, though of course they all do, or perhaps I formed a bond with a particular dog while in La Cala. Dogs such as Enzio, Hammy (I gave him his name), Rory, Steven, Stefan, little puppy Clodagh and many many more. And of course, Pippie and Cloeie who I was privileged to be able to save from a killing station. 

There's such joy and relief each time a precious one finds their forever home. For me it's extra special when it's one I have known personally. And I know that joyful feeling is even more intense for Fabienne and her whole team, who have cared for and loved these sweet animals day in and day out for weeks, months, years. 

Below is a random selection of dogs and cats who have recently found their forever homes.



Levi (ACE India) has been in her new home in the Netherlands for barely two weeks. Her owners write that's she's doing really well and has become a lot calmer already. She's getting lots of cuddles from her whole family and they are delighted with her progress.


Dear Pongo has been with his very own family for nearly a year. He's having the best time ever, cuddling, running by the sea and through the forest. He divides his time between home, where he loves to snuggle on the sofa and travelling round Europe with his family. His owners adore him and he's one happy doggie.


Early last Sunday, Scarlet's new owners came all the way to fetch her. Lucky little Scarlet is flying home with them, leaving her sad past behind and looking forward to a wonderful new life, full of love.

Odette and Marcel

Odette (left) was adopted in November 2020 and Marcel (right) adopted in May 2021. Formerly called Carmen and Dali, they are leading a life of luxury with owners love them and who couldn't be without them.

saturday, january 1, 2022
ACE Murphy, ACE Meeko and ACE Mandarine wish everyone with you a very Happy New Year 2022.
We wish that every dog and kitty with you will soon find a golden basket or scratching post 🤗 you are doing a wonderful job and we have taken you into our hearts. You have our support forever❤️ 

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