April 30, 2017


Bodi, once such a scared little Bodeguerootje, is doing just great with his American family !!!

Delayed pictures of the arrival in Rotterdam on 26th April

Their new bosses were longing to meet them and excitedly waiting. What a warm welcome they gave to these four, really wonderful.

Elvira was just as happy to they were able to relax. And Beertje is a real little bear, with a wonderful will and charcter of his own.  Congratultions to them all.

What a wonderful little character -  Beertje, our little bear.

The sick bay .....

It is busy again in the hospital, hopefully there will soon be a few more tback in their kennels.

Can I get out yet?

I'm better now, so I can go? Yes? Yes?

You'll be gentle, won't you!

What's going on ....

Thank you for looking after my poor sore eye.

Not hungry.

Is it my turn next?

Han was with us once more ...

Thank you again for everything, Han.

Napoleon and Han in conversation!

Students and volunteers defy the cold and rain!

Please stop the rain ... we want to play in the big field!

Rain, rain go away ....

What wonderful students, not letting the rain get them down!

More great students, smiling through the downpour!

Yerik ...

Our old Yerik waits in the pouring rain .... such a good soul !

Special laundry basket ....

Tooth-crafted laundry basket ... original huh???

April 23, 2017


Truff was saved together with his brother Scruff from a scary killing station.
Scruff has already been adopted, who wants to take care of Truff? Look at that sweet little face.


foto van Tanya Neyts.

On 14/10/2016 a scared Mishka arrived in Zaventem. She is doing very well but she remains extremely shy. This is no problem because we like to see her as she is. If she is alone with the other 2 SHIN / ACE dogs, her true, playful character comes out. So recently I was able to photograph a beautiful, alert Mishka. Adopting a scared dog involves some work, but it's oh so rewarding!

Evon - would love a gentle, loving boss

Of all the pups of mum Evelien, Evon is the only one who has not been adopted yet. Who will give this sweet, very sensitive boy a forever home. He needs someone with a gentle and loving approach who will help him open up, with patience and affection. 

Life in the Refugio - 23rd April 2017

Our lovely scaredy cats ...!

Victor winning their confidence

Disappointment ...

Our day started early .......

Despite this, our Joakim, Sorro and Boby were not allowed to fly to Rotterdam after all ..... the heating in the plane was not turned on (in the hold?) We were very sorry but especially for our dogs who finally had to go back to the Refugio and back into their cages.

And to cap it all ... we picked up three abandoned puppies, one by one,  at the Dog Park in Fuengerola.  Happy Sunday!!!

Needless to say, our Alfredo got in on the act!  😉

April 17, 2017

Bobsy ... a shy little sweetheart

Look at that smile. What lucky boss will take Bobsy home?

One of the little dogs in the office area was Bobsy. Such a dear little dog, very timid. He'd run and hide if you approached but gradually he seemed to get more confident, especially when he realised there were treats. I'm sure it won't take long before he gets more comfortable with people. It seems as if he is OK if you don't pay a lot of attention, if you do he gets a bit shy. But he is delightful with the other dog.s  One of our volunteers, Saskia finds him to be a sweetheart, unseen and unobtrusive but so intensely sweet ... this is what she has written about him

My experience with Bobsy.

Bobsy is a quiet, restrained, but also a lovely dog. You will really have to gain his trust, but it is more than worth it. Even though he often scared of things .. curiosity often wins! Bobsy is good with other dogs. Once he is with them he is at ease among mates. After a few days you notice that he has been making progress and is beginning to feel himelf already very male! Whoever becomes Bobsy's new boss will be hugely lucky. 

Such a sweetheart.

Such a lovely dog.

Bobsy and friends.

For more information about Bobsy, click here.

My new Assistant ...

Pommie is finding it all a bit boring!!!

Happy dogs in the big field

It's not just for drinking ....!

This is fun - come on in.

In his element!

Like a beautiful, small lion.

Cuddles - pure bliss for me as much as for them :)

Enjoying the freedom of the field

Playing fetch

Lots of lovely scents and smells