April 15, 2017

Another year ... many changes

It's such a joy to be at El Refugio again. I get so homesick for the place, the people and the dogs. It's almost exactly a year since my last visit - a year that's seen many changes. The photos below show the area being cleared, two years or so ago. And also shows before and after pictures of the new sections and the quarantine area.

There is a new restroom and the old one has become a new office for Fabienne and Marielle, with Dirk and Verla in the original one. There's a ''barrier' between the offices and the runabout area, to help keep some of the little scamps out - though somehow they manage to charm or wriggle their way in!!!

Thanks to the many generous donations, the cages all have their heat lamps installed, ready for the cold winter nights. The donors are acknowledged on each cage and I was thrilled to find mine on the door of a cage that is home to two beautiful Galgos - Camaron and Furia. Both rescued from a rough, gypsy area. I will tell their stories in a later post.

These and the many other changes don't just happen. They are created by hard work and dedication and the wonderful support of all the volunteers, donors and friends. Everyone who has had anything to do with ACE/Shin has played their part. And we are so grateful and thankful.

Less than two years ago, clearing the area for the new section

Eighteen months ago, in front of the retaining wall, with the drainage in place

Taken in front of the same retaining wall, less than eighteen months later. The section is now fully occupied. At the end of each corridor there's a sink and water for cleaning and filling the bowls.

Looking into the new quaratine section. Such an improvement. And everything is, always, so clean.

'My' heat lamp is in Camaron and Furia's cage. It makes me so happy to know it will keep them warm in the harsh winter nights. Hopi (Hobie) was a sweet, modest dog I tried to rescue from a killing station a few years ago. Sadly the authorities there for whatever reason, who knows, were not willing so they killed him before we could save him. I will never forget him.You can read the full story in my post - A random Act of Cruelty.

This is Camaron. A reticent, shy Galgo - who is learning to accept cuddles and know that there are good loving people who won't harm him.

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