April 17, 2017

More dogs and cats leaving for Belgium and the Netherlands

More darlings on their way to their Golden Baskets .... thanks to Mona and her mum Inge! Thanks also to Kelly who escorted more dogs to Rotterdam!

The photos show the scenes at Malaga airport, as they check in with their escorts. Other photos record the arrival and wecome of four dogs and one cat in Rotterdam.

Sweet Brandon was so scared, he didn't want to get into his carrier in the Refugio and was very frightened throughout. But now he is home and can put his past behind him.

Gigi the cat has a beautiful new name - Gaia.
Lovely Angela has been renamed Bonita.
Dear Gigi Gigi was warmly welcomed by her new owners, as was sweet Bieke, now also called Bonita.

Twister with Diana

All ready for the flight

Mona and Inge, our lovely escorts

Beautiful Gigi

Mona with Alfredo

Alfredo giving Mona kisses

Waiting to check in - Malaga


Kelly gets some help in Rotterdam

Home at last

Brandon is happy to have arrived - he was so scared

Beautiful Gigi travelled in style in the cabin

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