April 17, 2017

Marie-Sol - a whole year with her loving owner


Hello dear animal friends,

Well, today the party is for Marie-Sol who has been living with us for a year !!! .. with me and the Cocker gang. Marie-Sol, my little big treasure and the sunshine in the house!

Marie-Sol, at night she sleeps in my arms with her paw on my cheek, how beautiful can it be??
I can still remember last year when we collected her from Rotterdam, on a whim I immediately gave a big kiss on her sweet little face, she responded quite reluctantly, as if to say 'what is that woman doing - I don't know or trust you yet?!

But now, she's normally polishing my glasses, well, you don't need any further explanation, ha ha!

Dear Fabienne, once again thank you for entrusting her to me, I have never regretted it, and I think Marie-Sol hasn't either, because her tail is constantly wagging and her joyful eyes, yes they speak volumes !!

Dear greetings from me, Marie-Sol, Jo and Jody.

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