April 17, 2017

Bobsy ... a shy little sweetheart

Look at that smile. What lucky boss will take Bobsy home?

One of the little dogs in the office area was Bobsy. Such a dear little dog, very timid. He'd run and hide if you approached but gradually he seemed to get more confident, especially when he realised there were treats. I'm sure it won't take long before he gets more comfortable with people. It seems as if he is OK if you don't pay a lot of attention, if you do he gets a bit shy. But he is delightful with the other dog.s  One of our volunteers, Saskia finds him to be a sweetheart, unseen and unobtrusive but so intensely sweet ... this is what she has written about him

My experience with Bobsy.

Bobsy is a quiet, restrained, but also a lovely dog. You will really have to gain his trust, but it is more than worth it. Even though he often scared of things .. curiosity often wins! Bobsy is good with other dogs. Once he is with them he is at ease among mates. After a few days you notice that he has been making progress and is beginning to feel himelf already very male! Whoever becomes Bobsy's new boss will be hugely lucky. 

Such a sweetheart.

Such a lovely dog.

Bobsy and friends.

For more information about Bobsy, click here.

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