April 16, 2017

Tini, Voske* and Zorro - fearful little darlings badly in need of loving homes

Tini, Voske and Zorro came to us in February. They were in foster with our great foster mum Amalia and recently came to stay at the Refugio, in the second week I was there. I was hardly aware of them at first, as all three of them stayed huddled together in a kennel next to Fabienne and Marielle's office.

Tini on the left, Voske on the right and Zorro hiding at the back.

It's a little easier to see them here - Zorro on the left, Tini in the middle and Voske on the right.

Fabienne tells the story of these little ones and two companions. 

These 5 dears Yanna, Voske, Tini, Zorro and Lara were saved from drowning by an old lady in Cartama. One of the dogs, Yanna, even had puppets ... who have been lucky! They were part of about 50 dogs that the lady had saved from the streets over the years ... She never castrated any of them and the number of adult dogs and grew ... until the floods came and the need was desperate. When discovered the rescuers realized what a large number of dogs she was caringg for ... Thankfully and very luckily most were saved but a few unfortunately lost their lives, very sad ... Five of them are now with us ... 

Tini is a very timid dog, a dog that has experienced a lot of difficulty... She would not hurt a fly but doesn't easily give her confidence. Only in a loving, peaceful family will she flourish fully ...

Voske is a young and playful little dog, she dares you the beginning but just look at her tail or running overtime ... Once she has got over her initial reluctance, she almost jumps of joy in your arms! She is a very affectionate and loving dog, a lap dog.

Zorro is still very scared, he does not understand what's happening to him ... He needs a peaceful environment to come to himself again, a family who do want to let him know that scary world, his 

Voske *

I noticed that, once it was quiet without many people around, little Voske was happy to come out of the kennel and run around with the other dog. She seemed comfortable with them and was the first not to shrink back into the kennel when I spoke to her.


Tini is a delicate, little thing. Once she has a forever home, with a family who will help her get over her fears she will flourish and show what a sweet, darling character she is. She is totally adoable.

Look at those eyes. Don't you long to be the one who can take away the fear and help him enjoy love and affectionate cuddles, knowing that no harm will come to him. Knowing that he is loved and safe forever and ever.

For more information, please click each name ...
Tini     Voske *  Zorro

*Voske is now reserved, such great news.


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