April 01, 2017

Update Albabina

Hi I am Albabina but they call me Donna.
I am fine with that name. It's excellent.
I was just year old and then I got good luck and have been here five years.
Today in the woods I played in  a puddle but not so much that I got completely wet.
I listen carefully when I am running free, which I find great fun.
I like to bounce about but I don't do anything, I just go foraging, Bounce like to conspecifics off but they do nothing but just go snooping. I also like to hunt cats. That is a good game.
At home I am a real sleeper and am very good.
But I really do love walking.
Today I had to pose for the pictures so I did it nicely.
And of course then I got a treat. I am even happier when I can eat.

Greetings from Donna

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