December 23, 2019

Eveline: If gentleness won beauty contests, our beautiful Eveline would win them all

Life can be so very unfair. Some pretty and cute dogs stay with us for hardly any time at all. Others languish for years, for no good reason. Sweet Eveline is one such dog. Not the most beautiful but certainly the sweetest. Her mum was lucky enough to be adopted very quickly, but of her five pups, dear Eveline is still with us. After five whole years. 

Eveline is five years old now. Because she's been a long time in foster care she's extremely socialised with both people and dogs. She is the gentlest, kindest creature. Take her into your home and she'll immediately be in your heart too and you'll wonder how you ever managed to be happy without her.

For more information about this darling, click here.

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