May 20, 2017

Yogi, ... looking down from the mountain at his beloved family, ...

Yogi was born in a small Spanish village, he was adopted by a young couple when he was a cute little puppy. He was their boyfriend, their great darling, ...

Yogi, a mini Bodeguero was the king of the house ... he was in his home and thought that
this would go on forever, but one day the wife, his mistress, became pregnant,

What now ?

I often think that getting pregnant in this country one of the worst diseases is that you can come across because the doctor said that from now on all pets had to leave the house ... pets are very dangerous when you are pregnant, so the message was ... ..Yogi had to leave.

Because his wife wasn't happy about it she had the idea of putting Yogi to live on top of the mountain where they lived, so they could see him, and Yogi could see them. And so since the little dog was banned from living with his bosses, he now looked down from the mountain at his at his once beloved home.

The people in the village saw all this and found it terrible for the dog, but could not and did not want to confront his owners... and soon they got used to the situation. Yogi grieved, he became skeletal and
had no muscle mass anymore ... day and night he looked down at his family, at their comings and goings. His food was put down to him every few days.

He deteriorated ... his courage went gradually but finally it went completely. A Belgian lady eventually managed to rescue Yogi from his chain and from the sad mountain and so this lovely dog ​​came to us. He has no muscle mass in his hind legs, is very skinny but is so happy to be gone - his heart was broken. He is so sweet and cuddly. He looks at you out of his beautiful eyes he doesn't look sad or confused. For him from now on, it just gets better. 

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