August 20, 2016

Sabina - a long two-year wait

Sabina also been waiting for two years waiting to be adopted, who wants to give her a real "home" ??

For years Sabina and her friend Elvio spent their days in a small, smelly room, shut off from light and air, with just a bit of green water at their disposal. They were occasionally given some food. When a girl discovered their distressing condition, she immediately filed a complaint with the Environmental Police. When the owner of Sabina and Elvio heard of it, he just let them loose on the streets. For weeks they walked around the village, always together and inseperable. Until finally we were able to catch them.

Elvio was adopted after several months, but Sabina is still here. She's a brave lady who definitely stands her ground among the other dogs. With people she is friendly and social. She is very smart and learns quickly. Who will finally give Sabina finally her ticket towards happiness?

Click here for the video taken by Eugenie.

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