November 25, 2017

Coton is home

3 Days ago we were able to pick up Coton at Eindhoven airport.

And want to let you know that he is doing very well. He listens well and we can see that after 3 days he knows what we expect from him. He does not pay much attention to us when he's outside, he is still exploring a lot and exploring his territory. We tried to get his attention with cookies, but he wasn't that interested. Coton prefers a slice of Ardennes sausage.

Coton is very happy and enthusiastic when we get home from work, it is difficult to keep him quiet. (Jochem will be working in night shifts for the next 3 weeks, so there will always be someone in the house.) At night there are no problems, unless a cat decides to walk through our backyard, then he wants to bark (this occurred this morning at 4:15).

Yesterday we saw that he was trying to take the weight off his right foreleg a little when he stood. It is possible that he might have been a little too enthusiastic. Nevertheless, we asked the veterinarian whether it could possibly be to do with the plate in his leg. (tomorrow we will make an X-ray of it to see how it is doing). We also had an APK done. This went well. Coton is not afraid of the vet and has behaved well.

Coton is having a bit of trouble with his left ear (this looked a bit red, so in the next 5 to 7 days we can treat this with ointment.) Furthermore, we found a lot of dead hair and sand in his fur, so on Sunday he will get a good wash. (Jochem's girlfriend is a groomer and can blow the dead hair and sand out of his fur).

Overall, everything is fine!

We are really happy with him :)


Avalon and Jochem

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