November 05, 2017

Our oldest oldies: Part 2 Yotha and Kimba

This is the second in the 'oldest oldies' series. Because of unavoidable delays in posting, some dogs may already have been adopted or reserved but please do check, by clicking on their name.

To hear more about our oldies and their special place in our hearts please see previous post.

This beautiful boy has been with us for two years, since he was eight. He's now ten. He was part of a family with children and other dogs, a happy place you'd think. Until for whatever reason they no longer wanted him and dumped him in killing station. He's a kind, beautiful fellow and didn't deserve this. He has now been reserved for the Netherlands, but I am not sure if this is for adoption or foster. So if you like this sweet chap, please check.


Kimba is an elderly lady, a beautiful cross Samojeed,  who we also saved from a killing station. She appears to be much younger than her passport and chipnumber indicate, which is 14. Kimba is fine with humans but she is a bit suspicious of unknown people. She loves to get a bit of attention but enough is enough and she also wants to enjoy her freedom. She obviously has had to cope with life and stand up for herself. We would not place her with children or in a family with other dogs as she appreciates tranquility. 

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