November 12, 2017

Update Chipolato - November 2017

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Chipolato now answers to the name Chipo. He's a treasure of a dog that has not been any trouble in the time he is in the asylum. He came in in a terrible state, but in the meanwhile he has undergone a true metamorphosis and we hope he will soon find his golden basket! 

For the 3 weeks that he has been in foster care in Spain, he has shown that you couldn't want for a better dog. Chipo walks perfectly on the lead and does not pull, he thinks walking is great. As long as he can be with you, everything is good for him! From the beginning it was enough for him that he was able to be in the house, lie on the couch, run around in the garden etc. Every day he is thankful to be with you and that he can lie warmly in his basket. You see his eyes shine! 

Chipo is clean, is fine with cats and runs around loose here with the rabbit. He behaves as if it's all perfectly normal and gets on with what he was doing. Chipo can be placed on his own but he is also perfect with other dogs, he is not really bothered, even when they growl or pick on him, he walks away rather than respond. At night he sleeps quietly and is quiet until the rest of the house wakes up. 

His brother Chipolina has already been reserved. So no who will give Chipo that golden basket that he too so deserves? You will surely get nothing but a load of love in return. For more information about adorable Chipo, please click here. 

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