August 25, 2022

Fabienne's Diary: The sad turn of events in Feliz' life.

 Wednesday, 24 August 2022

This beautiful Labrador lady, with a heart of gold, a silly sparrow, a playful companion and a wonderful four-legged friend, she has it all, our Feliz! But all that was not enough to make her happy for life, she had to go away urgently, very urgently, and why? Mum was living here on the Costa del Sol with the 3 dogs and 3 children, but dad was working in Saudi Arabia. One day the family had to move to faraway places and that is how it goes. Feliz went to a friend, and from the friend to another friend. However, Feliz was very sad and mournful at first, because suddenly her family had gone up in smoke, and now we are allowed to solve it. 

It is now slowly getting better with this sweetheart, a Labrador in heart and soul. Playful, fond of children but also of her owner, of her whole family. Feliz is social with other dogs, but a garden is certainly required for this lively Labrador. She is a sweetheart, and certainly for the Labrador lovers a winner!

For more information about golden hearted Feliz, please click on her name. Feliz means 'happy'!

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