November 29, 2020

Message from Doing Goods: BARK FRIDAY - we choose to make THEM count, not just discount

 Saturday 28 November 2020

"You can't save all the dogs of the world, but you can save the world of one dog"

This weekend we celebrate our BARK FRIDAY campaign for Ace-charity!

We know you all love our mascotte dog princess Nahla as much as we do, so we want to take this opportunity to give back. Let’s shine a light on the people that saved her life and the lives of so many other dogs. ACE-charity stands for 'Animal Care Espana’ and for years they have been fighting against the abuse and killing of neglected dogs in Southern Spain. Fabienne Paques is the founder and with a great team of volunteers she gives shelter to 650 dogs every single day, come rain come shine. Every doggie, sick, old or handicapped gets a fair chance. 
Since 1999 more than 13.000 dogs have been rescued and adopted, which is so heartwarming and worth a deep bow. In times like these, more than ever they need your help!

So! Shop with us from Friday November 28th until Monday 30th and we will donate 25% of our sales to Ace Charity.

We hope you will help us support these little and big lovable dogs and help them find their forever home

Check our websites for more information! The adopters of Nahla have their own company and wanted to set up a fun promotion as part of Black Friday.

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