August 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Luna, Niebla and Terry, a sad family drama.

 Tuesday 24 August 2021

They all came from the same family. Luna, an older dog of 8 years, Terry a young dog of barely 3 years, and Niebla a young, cheerful lady in the prime of her life. Luna is a good, gentle dog that is now in foster care and therefore lives happily in the house, but Niebla and Terry are still in the shelter in Algeciras. The three dogs lived together for years in a happy family, were spoiled and loved, until the son of the family became seriously ill and developed leukemia. At first they tried to give them what they could, but later the treatment and the situation of the son became more and more difficult, that it was no longer possible for the parents to take care of their dogs. Even the doctors demanded that the dogs  leave.

Each of the dogs has suffered greatly from this, and are now trying to adapt a bit, but it is hard to live in a shelter, especially for house dogs. All three are very good dogs, who are social and sweet with people and other dogs. Niebla is not good with cats, Luna on the other hand is, because the foster family has several. The three dogs are also being followed by the vet, and are being treated for Filaria, something they had little luck with. Luna's ears also needed care, because they were heavily inflamed.

They are all treasures of dogs, looking for a new opportunity.

For more information about Luna ,  Niebla  and Terry please click on their names ....

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