August 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Thelma and Louise, an inseparable duo.

 Thursday 26 August 2021

Thelma and Louise have been inseparable all their lives. Two little dogs, for whatever reason dumped in an inexorable killing station. They were terrified and counting down their days.

Thelma and Louise, they should stay together. Thelma can't see well anymore, has no depth perception, and therefore uses Louise as a guide, she is her shadow. Sometimes she is a bit in her own world, but she just has to get used to her new environment.

We would prefer to guarantee them an old age together. They are small, sweet, funny and affectionate personalities who still want to come home somewhere and will be very grateful for that. They are no longer young dogs and so there may be extra veterinary costs involved, as with any older dog with old age ailments.

Who wants to give them a few more happy years?

For more information about these two darling senior ladies, please click on their names below their photos.



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