August 18, 2021

We've moved

 Sunday 15 August 2021

Dear All,

I just want to let you know that my mistress and I have moved, we now live 5 minutes from the beach and that is great fun, 🀣 also tiring because I'm very busy catching crabs and eating them, besides I keep an eye on my ball, but it's really fun, and I can let go of what I couldn't before, then I ran off every time with all the consequences that entails.

I hope all my Spanish friends are adopted soon.

That is why I appeal to everyone adopt a dog or cat at ACE, we are so well taken care of there and are then ready and happy to go to our golden basket and we only give LOVE, and ask if you have a little patience with us, then everything will be fine.

I too come from the killing station, and now look at me.

A lot of sandy paws from Gabber (ace Robert)

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