June 28, 2021

Pepe (ACE Vlamir 14755)

 Thursday 24 June 2021

Vlamir (as he was still called then) had been in the shelter in Spain for over 2.5 years when we came across him on the website. His character was described as playful, sweet and gentle. Once we arrived in NL, we changed his name to Pepe, to which he already listens quite well :-). He was a lot heavier than described but his character was spot on, he is sweet, gentle and very playful, it is good that we have a large garden where he can play in every day.

He likes to lie in the garden and play and recently he can also be let loose when we go to the forest. He listens very well and is very good with other dogs and people/children. He will also crawl up to you at every opportunity he has to cuddle.

At locations where he has not yet been, he can still pull on the leash, but in his own neighbourhood he is super relaxed and very self-confident.

We can't imagine life without Pepe anymore, some pictures of him have been added below.


Bass and Jennifer.

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