June 10, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: The Story of Bella,...

 Sunday 6 June 2021

She is a young Stafford, a grey lady, the type that is so sought after, and which many Stafford lovers would go very far for. Well, our beautiful grey lady was not lucky enough to have a good owner.  She fell in the wrong hands as so often happens. She was used for breeding, but even that was not enough, and even when she ended up in the killing station she gave birth to her umpteenth litter. 

We took Bella from the killing station, but her puppies had all been destroyed there. But she still had milk, because she had just become a mother. She had to be admitted to the clinic immediately, because she could not get rid of her milk and had suffered a huge inflammation because of this. She was beside herself with the pain. 

In the meantime she is doing much better. She is rather anxious in the beginning, a dog that never received much love or attention, except for beatings and producing puppies, she has not known much. Gradually she relaxes and gets to know sweet and concerned people, you can see her blossoming like this.

We are looking for an owner who knows Staffords and appreciates them, who will take her to heart and introduce her to her new life. She is a sweet character but needs guidance and education, just like any rescue.

Bella is definitely worth it.

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