June 28, 2021

Fabienne's Diary - It's raining puppies and kittens. Now what?

 Thursday 24 June 2021

We are busy all the time making the best of every day, but sometimes it is too much. The world here seems to have gone wild, dozens of mothers with puppies or kittens offer themselves every day, and at some point a person can do no more. We are urgently looking for foster families in Spain who can help us with newly born, dumped little ones that we can no longer handle ourselves because each of us is not just full, but overflowing.

Spaying and neutering, the Spanish people don't do that, some do, but let's say 90% certainly not.  It wouldn't be necessary if you can control the births, but we can't. They even let their dog or cat walk free on the street during heat, because that heavy fuss and whining irritates them. When mom comes home pregnant and the little ones are born, it's a party for the children, they can play with them until the fun ends. And then, then they either die, or they are given away as a present, or they end up in the killing station. And others are luckier and end up in a rescue centre.

Despite our weekly sterilisation projects, it is a drop in the ocean. But it is a drop. Yet we see things getting out of hand here. So many unwanted litters and the consequences thereof are desolate for these defenceless little creatures. This week, for example, Roxie came in, heavily pregnant. But on closer examination by our vet, it turned out that she needed urgent surgery because her puppies were already dead. It was rough, but she is doing reasonably well under the circumstances. But how many will die and probably a horrible, painful death.

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