June 15, 2021

Fabienne's dog of the week: Medi

 Monday 14 June 2021

Medi is a big boy who hasn't had much luck in his short life. He was dumped in a street after which people who lived there took him in but they couldn't handle his large size and the dog of the house did not accept him. Medi has a strong character and therefore needs a strong boss who is consistent. He is very sweet and friendly but likes to go his own way and will try it on. He does not like to accept a no and that is why we want an owner who can handle this and can correct it. He is social with other dogs but sometimes doesn't know his limits in playing. A perfect dog for an owner who wants to work with his dog. We think this would make him totally happy and certainly obedient. Not a beginner's dog, but a nice boy if you give him the chance to adjust and raise him.

For more information about our dear Medi, please click on his name.

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