June 17, 2021


 Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Half a year ago Wanda came to us, so terribly afraid that she had to be taken to our house in the same bench she'd been in in the truck from Spain .

Fortunately, she immediately became good friends with our other ACE dog Dino (ACE-Moncho), who is now 9.5 years old.

We have given her the time and space to get used to us and her new home, one step forward every day!

After a while we were able to pet her very carefully, brush again a little later and now she lies on her back next to us and loves to be petted.

When she has to stay alone with Dino for a while and we come home again, she howls with joy and we are jumped on!

Unfortunately, one major problem has not yet been solved: she still cannot be leashed and therefore we cannot walk with her.

We've had a variety of expert advice, no matter what we try, it still doesn't work!

We don't give up, Wanda is part of us and we assume that one day it will work!

With love and patience we have already achieved so much… this belt trauma from Spain will have to wear off slowly.

ACE, you are doing a fantastic job, we are happy with Wanda, because every other way she is a sweetheart!!


Theo and Miriam

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