June 27, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Duchesse, a cross Mastin in the killing station.

 Saturday 26 June 2021

She spent her last days in the killing station, but was taken out just in the nick of time. She sat there like a pile of misery, staring despondently ahead, and had clearly given up.

After she came along to us, she was off the track for the first few days, until she gradually realised that hope was coming back into her life. We started rebuilding her, her confidence, her rebirth, and it didn't take long for a very sweet dog to show up.

Pure friendship and openness, a sweetheart. She is social and calm with other dogs, but can also run fast and be silly. She loves people and animals. She is a top dog who deserves more than the very best. Please share this sweetheart and let us work together for the best second chance.

For more information about Duchesse, please click on her name.

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