June 15, 2021


 Sunday 13 June 2021

We had to put Nairobi to sleep, a beautiful young dog of less than 2 years old.

Nairobi was rescued as a puppy from a killing station; when she came to us she was weak and malnourished but after a while this was all right and then she was allowed to go to her adoptive family. However, after a while she became ill and after many investigations could not be found what she had. After the adopters gave her up, she was allowed to go to a foster family and they looked further into what the problem was. The very rare immune disease Myasthenia Gravis was diagnosed.

Fineke, her foster mom took over the worries, but it wasn't allowed to be,… Shelter mom told: "It wasn't a life for her, the only thing we could do for her was make sure it wouldn't become a real agony.

On June 11, the vet had her put to sleep, with her head in my hands she fell asleep calmly and confidently."

Poor dear Nairobi, how much bad luck can you have!

So many people have worked for her, the adopters, the vets, and the employees of A.C.E. in Spain and the Netherlands ; Everyone wanted the best for her! It is very sad that she could not have the nice dog life that we all gave her so much . It was such a sweet and easy dog, she allowed everything, always a wag of tail and happy with a pat and a hug. Before you knew it, she had sneaked into your heart secretly.

I am writing this so that she will not be forgotten so quickly, but also to realize that not everyone is given to get a nice long life.


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