June 21, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: The life story of Houdi and Lilly ...

 Sunday 20 June 2021

Here's the life story of two humble street cats…

Two kittens who were once adopted by a couple, who kept and cared for them for 12 and 14 years, but the day this couple got into trouble, their whole life story took a sad turn.

That was the story we got from a woman who called us in a panic, asking if we could help. Because after their owner told the story via via, and she heard that, she had to do something to help them to help. After their owner traded in his house for a new life in an apartment, the kittens were put on a small balcony when he went out, and then they meowed. And that annoyed him. Besides, they got old.  They had to go, rather today than tomorrow. When he could find nowhere to go with his 12-year-old cat and 14-year-old tomcat, he took them in the car, drove to a neighbourhood around Malaga airport and released them there and he himself drove away.

Lilly and Houdi looked around and saw their owner disappear into the horizon.What went through the minds of these house cats? They will get used to their new life, he said. He was rid of them, tidy and neat. And while 'the lord' started his new life, these two domestic cats, never before left to their own devices, were out on the street.

A major campaign was set up and many organisations and people were shocked by the story, but Houdi and Lilly remained untraceable. Until a few days ago, a month after the dumping date, a tip came in from a lady who thought she had found Houdi. He was tired and exhausted and slept in her chair that night, dead tired. The next day we went to get him but the lady told us that he could neither pee nor do his needs, he tried and went to sit but could do nothing.  And there was blood in it. So we drove straight to an emergency clinic, which determined after examinations that his kidneys and bladder were inflamed, and he probably has kidney and/or bladder stones. This could be due to his age, but also due to the fact that he found dirty or little water to drink for a month. After all, he had been a house cat for 14 years, and had never survived on the street. Houdi has now been admitted and is still in hospital.

Not much later little Lilly was also found; she is doing well considering the circumstances. Because we no longer have room, Lilly is now staying in the cat hotel, where she will also be reunited with Houdi later, once he is better. Growing up at home and safe for 12 and 14 years, and then being dumped by your own owner, somewhere in the campo around the airport where there are many people. At least, so he thought. When he was asked if he could help with the costs which have already risen to 576 euros, these were his words : "I am not going to spend €576 on a house cat. I'm sorry, I understand your thinking, but I am a little different from you."

And so the world goes on .. it will be a better world for you Houdi and Lilly!

When both have fully recovered and are feeling well again, we will look for good owners for these two very sweet females, for someone who can give them a nice old age. However, there is a good chance that Houdi will need special food for life.

Who is looking to take these two into their heart? They deserve it so much. Please share their story and help us give these two sweethearts a nice old age.

For more information about Houdi and Lilly, please click on their names. 



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