June 15, 2021

Special thanks to Kasia and Paul, El Gusto and Biddy Mulligan's in La Cala!

A message from Fabienne:

Dear Paul, Kasia and friends. Never to forget what you both did. Walking from Cordoba to La Cala to support our dogs, and this with the Pandemic. Many thanks to you both and to all Supporters. Together we are strong!!

Kasia and Paul both walked from Cordoba to La Cala where they arrived at El Gusto and Biddy Mulligan's,... After the arrival, the party followed in El Gusto, where everyone had a great time,...

Yesterday we received the beautiful total sum of € 5706.25 for both events!!

A huge thank you, especially to Kasia and Paul, but also to everyone who worked on this,... We are very grateful to you!!!


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