June 27, 2021

Imke now Inka - arrival June 23

 Thursday 24 June 2021

Imke is listening now, or at least she still has to learnt repond to the name Inka. She was extremely tired and didn't want to move anymore. So despite two attempts by me to have it take place outside it was pee and poop inside but that was to be expected. She slept through the night in my room in a large box, not m, I didn't sleep as I wanted to make sure she didn't come out of the box. By the way, there was no problem. This morning she was less shy and even walked all the way for a normal 10 minutes, it took us 45 minutes but it resulted in a big puddle. Afterwards she had a nice meal there. Now she is having another turn and she is sleeping wonderfully, we have already finished our second round.

Mirre still has to get used to it, but is also nice to her.

To be continued.....

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