July 11, 2017

Update: our little dogs from the puppy mill

Update Puppy mill dogs,...

Below you will see some photos of the individual dogs with their names

We are a few weeks further on now and our saved puppy mills dogs are sort of stable..

But what a group of unlucky ones.. all of them have experienced and lived in hell... they have been, all of them, really unlucky. 

Little Laulina didn't make it, we tried everything but she was too heavily negelected and abused, she was 'used' too many times... Also Sade did not make it; they didn't get the experience of becoming happy, but at least they died under loving and caring hands. 

There are hundreds still to go... we have not heard anything so far, and we wait for the judges decision...  There are still over a 100 in the killing station, waiting to be given the go ahead to be saved - a few hundred are still in that puppy farm hell.. 

But, despite this abuse and the horrible practices of the puppy mills, we cannot do anything at the moment... it is all in the hands of court and the lawyers... As if that monster of a woman has any rights, not according to us at least, but she does have rights according to the law, unfortunately...

These dogs will be up for adoption soon, but please realise that these are not dogs without problems, but dogs who will bring medical bills along with them... 
We, from our side, have done what we can... we will continue the care as long as they are with us, but so you are aware of all the facts, it's important to understand that once they travel home, this will also be a part of the adoption. 

We wish them all the happiness in the world, we hope they can hold on a little longer, and then they can start to enjoy life and be loved...

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