July 01, 2017

Transvania gives Fabienne a fright .... but there was no need to worry

One of the ground staff having a moment with McGyvor. Such a lovely and reassuring photo.

A couple of weeks ago Fabienne got a fright. But it turned out the news was good, not bad. That morning they had a very early flight, always a challenge but always positive and fun because it means that some of our darlings are going home. So that morning everything went well. But when she was back in the Refugio, she suddenly got a phone call from the lady at the Transvania desk.

Fabienne continues ...

"Am I speaking to the person reponsible at ACE" she asked? "" It's about your dogs "she continued, 
My heart jumped ... I thought, here we go ... what's it going to be this time? It went right to my heart, the fear was there again.

But then she began to compliment me, saying that our dogs looked great, very good and were well taken care of ...
... that our cages were tidy and clean and that they wanted to take pictures of how and what happened to them when they had passed through security and were on their way.

I was completely reassured - finally a pleasant experience! After the last weeks of Transavia, the experiences of Peter Koekebakker with the airline, this is a positive turn. We were pleasantly surprised!

Besides, Copernicus, our old Mastin, whom Kelly had saved from the chain, and McGyver, who was rescued from hell, who were the two lucky birds flying home! So all finished well. Our thanks to   Transavia !!

The cages being loaded into the plane. 

In the hold. Mking everthing safe and secure.

This is so lovely to see. One of the airport handlers talking to McGyvor.

McGyvor will have a lovely home now.

Sweet Copernicus. Patiently waiting for take off.

Copernicus too is on his way to his golden basket.

Side by side

Waiting for the flight

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