July 22, 2017

Homer (now Jochie) - so happy

I would like to let you know that Homer (now called Jochie) is doing very well. On November 19th I picked him up at Schiphol and got a warm welcome. (we had chosen him before before when I was in Spain for three days).

He's a lovely huggy bear and you can't get enough of it ... ..

It's going very well with the other dogs (also from ACE), and he already has a girlfriend.
From left to right; With ACE Jim (now Flo), Dodge (now Knor), girlfriend Janssen and Homer (now Jochie). This is what my little pack looks like on an average weekday 😃

A walk on the beach with his sweetheart.

On a visit.

And his own pack, his great friends and family ... .. family ACE.
My BIG LOVES Flo, Jochie and Knor.

It is going well with everyone and they and we are very happy with each other. What a happiness to have such a full and harmonous love.

Thank you to all the lovely people of ACE that you have made this possible and of course Fabienne.

Love from us.


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