July 15, 2017

Gemma - now she can look to the future

June 2017

Everyone still remembers Gemma, She was discovered more dead than alive by her rescuing angel Gemma, completely dehydrated and heavily neglected, her body full of inflammation. We will never know what happened but Gemma was almost dead. In the first weeks she fought for her life. It may be a true miracle that she recovered, this huge sweetheart. Our wonderful volunteer Gemma, who rescued her, subsequently gave this lovely Podenco her name.

It took a while, but Gemma clung to life, and how!

Today Gemma, a good and courageous Podenco lady, is ready to go home. Gemma is very popular and loved by everyone who has cared for her, and she's very grateful for everything that has been done for her. Slowly but surely she recovered from near death, but it was touch and go. She survived and is here today! So who is going to gather this brave and lovely dog into their family and show her a life of love?

There is a little video on the Dutch blog, that I'm unable to reproduce here. But here's the link

And for more information about the darling Gemma, please click on her name.


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