July 08, 2017

Bodegueroitos ... puppies, puppies, puppies - it's like a conveyor belt

Puppies and puppies and more puppies, ... No-one can keep up with this, everyone does their best and takes and rescues what they can, but the number of puppies being put into this world at the moment, without a future, makes you feel desperate.

Maybe it will get better with the years? No, it doesn't. It only gets worse - or it feels like that to me.

The killing stations dispatch them quickly, puppies can see the end of their lives within a day.  Euthanasia is the solution there. We and many others in the area try our very best to save them within our capabilities, but unfortunately we too have our limits.

These three Bodegueritos are just three among the many who were lucky and came to us, ...
Three Bodegueritos, who like the Podencotios, are the most commonly disposed of dogs, which actually have little chance ... Three out of the hundreds ... thousands, ... It's just ... 3 lives, many others do not get that chance, We are also at our limit at the moment and must first find homes for the ones we have saved before we can again give others a chance.

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