July 25, 2017

Four beagles saved from the university laboratories ...

Four animals used for testing, all Beagles, came into our hands after they had been used for experiments for many years ... Something every animal friend abhors, the things that these poor wretches have had to undergo, year by year, day by day, hour by hour, for their entire lives. Thanks to the help of an acquaintance, we were able to save 4 of them, for which reason, even if it's a drop in the ocean, we're glad they got the chance ... None of us understand why testing has to be done on animals. They could do it another way, in my opinion animals must have animals, there Could, in my opinion, serve others ... But we are not going to talk about it here, we're keeping it clean.

Xantos, 6 years old
Zander, 6 years old
Remy, 6 years old
Denise, 8 years old

Every one of them has dull eyes with little spark. They have never known a real life - their feet are full of wounds from countlless paintful injections that hurt , their fur is dull and lifeless. Their power and desire to live increases every day,  now that they can walk and run around their cage, or even on the meadow, for a while, as long as the heat permits (it is very hot right now). Their first walks on the meadow were tentative, as they put their paws on grass - their first taste of freedom hit us all ... Tears bring tears to your eyes, thinking of the suffering that these beasts went through, but ... Even though they are now in a shelter, they are free ... Denise, a female, looks the most weakened and exhausted, but they are all sweet and friendly ... Our commitment is to make these 4 happy and give them a chance to recover happy, that's our goal, ... Together with all of you, that's what we're going to do!!

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